Business field

Business field

Nissei Technology’s products such as lens units are widely used.


Digital cameras have been leading the optical technologies of the world. Nissei Technology is meeting these various needs and specifications. We are also catering to needs in the emerging camera markets with our optical technologies such as action cameras, drone cameras, IoT cameras, and security cameras.

Application Examples

Digital cameras
Aspherical plastic lens + low-reflection AR coating
Mirrorless cameras
EVF lens units, mirror box units
Action cameras, drone cameras
4K ready fisheye lens units
Security cameras
Protector lens (e.g. AR, water-repellent, and hard coating)

Smartphones and Tablets

Cameras and sensing capabilities for smartphones continue to evolve. High precision technologies of micrometer- and nanometer-order are required for the optical technologies to produce small lenses of several millimeters in size. While optical technologies of Nissei Technology are adopted by major smartphone manufacturers, we continue to polish them even further.

Application Examples

Compact / light weight / high-precision lens units
Aspherical plastic lenses, i-cut lenses, wide-angle lenses, telescopic lenses, TOF, etc.
LED flash lenses
Two-color mold Fresnel lenses
Face recognition, iris recognition lenses
Fresnel lenses for reflow process, infrared sensing lenses
Pattern projection optical components for VCSEL
DOE, MLA, etc.
Small / precision engineering plastic components

Automotive equipment

Technological innovation continues for automotive components for safer and more comfortable vehicles. In particular, camera functions are required to improve their sensing (recognition) capabilities in addition to viewing capabilities. Nissei Technology is engaging in developing various optical technologies to enhance the functionalities and reliability of cameras, sensors, and lighting devices.

Application Examples

Viewing cameras
Optical units for sensing
Lighting lenses
LED lenses, rear fog light lenses, interior lighting lenses
Wide bandwidth anti-reflection coating, temperature-resistant coating, band-pass filters
Head-up display optics
Automotive precision engineering plastic components

Wearable VR entertainment

Wearable devices such as smartphones and VR and AR glasses are recently becoming more popular. High-precision optics are used for these products. Nissei Technology is providing various products to customers in these emerging markets.

Application Examples

Optical components for small sensors
Optical encoder components
VR and AR lenses
Small projector lenses
High-efficiency lighting LED lenses
Backlight lenses for TV displays
Mouse sensor lenses


Nissei Technology’s precision optical technologies are contributing to the medical and health device fields. We started by developing and producing ultra-small surgical cameras to record surgical procedures. Our portfolio has now expanded to endoscope lenses and novel sensing units using light. We are also actively engaging in collaboration with major medical device manufacturers, national universities, national research institutes, among others. We at Nissei Technology are feeling the joy of taking part in the progress in medical treatments.

Application Examples

Optical units for blood sugar measurement devices
special lighting and sensing
Disposable endoscopic lens units
Disposable electromagnetic flow sensors
Optical units for blood analysis
Medical engineering plastic components

Office Automation Equipment

As printers and multifunction printers evolve to have more advanced functionalities, they require engineering plastic components such as high-precision gears. Nissei Technology is producing various engineering plastic components for major manufacturers for their office automation equipment.

Application Examples

Various gears
spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, etc.
Rack and pinion
Precision engineering plastic components
Scanning lenses