CSR Activities

Quality Assurance and Environmental Control

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Objectives: Protect the Environment, Leave Resources and Good Products

We are building and improving our environmental management system based on these environmental objectives to reduce the environmental load in the fields of precision molds, precision mechanism components, and precision optical components.

Aim to Produce Products with Low Environmental Impact

We are considering the total life cycle encompassing raw materials to the end of life of products in order to minimize the environmental impact of our products so that our customers can use them with peace of mind.
We incorporate green procurement, reduction of energy use and waste materials, recycling, clean manufacturing with no environmental pollution, and measurement and inspection using XRF of environmentally hazardous substances. Furthermore, we display raw materials of our products so that they can easily be recycled.

Environmental Policy

Nissei Technology recognizes that the global environment is an important issue in operating our company. Therefore, we incorporate environmental considerations in every step of our manufacturing and sales of precision molds, plastic mechanism components, and plastic optical components to promote continuous improvement.

  1. Prevention of Environmental Pollution and Continuous Improvement

    We establish, execute, and maintain our environmental management system of evaluating the environmental impact in relation to activities at our plants and products. This is accomplished through reduction of environmental pollutants from our plants and improving processes and recycling activities, thereby preventing environment pollution with the continuous reduction of environmental impact.

  2. Compliance to Laws and Regulations, and Setting Internal Standards

    We comply with the laws and by-laws of municipalities, and the requirements of our customers and local communities, as well as setting our voluntary standards. We also do not use substances of environmental impact that are specified by our customers in our products.

  3. Environmental Objectives and Targets

    We set environmental objectives and targets and review them regularly. Our plant management also reviews the system to continuously improve it.

  4. Disclosure of Environmental Information

    We ensure that our employees are familiar with these policies. Additionally, we disclose these policies, as well as our environmental protection activities and environmental information as needed to the public.

Certification of Our Sites

Nissei Technology Corporation NISSEI TECHNOLOGY

Certificate Number:Q3120
Obtained ISO9001 certification
ISO14001 obtained


Certificate Number:MY99/17067
Obtained ISO9001 certification
Certificate Number:MY03/58112
ISO14001 obtained
認証番号:IATF0327403 SGS MY16/02074
Certificate Number:IATF0327403
SGS MY16/02074
Obtained IATF16949


Certificate Number:CN16/30251
Obtained ISO9001 certification
Certificate Number:CN06/01456
ISO14001 obtained
Certificate Number:IATF0293382
SGS CN16/30250
Obtained IATF16949


認証番号:FM663741 認証番号:EMS663742
Certificate Number:FM663741
Obtained ISO9001 certification
Certificate Number:EMS663742
ISO14001 obtained
認証番号:IATF 0293635
Certificate Number:IATF 0293635
Obtained IATF16949

Operation of Group QA Network

We share quality and complaint information within our group in real time to learn of countermeasures so that we can establish our quality control system.