From Order to Product Design

Based on your optical parameters, dimensions, and shape,
Nissei will propose an optimum design solution backed by our proprietary know-how and experience

  1. Checking your specifications

    We check your required specifications.
    Your required functionality and performance are completely captured and reflected into our design. Also please feel free to consult with us even if your specifications are only tentative.
  2. Optical Component and Unit Design

    Nissei also performs various optical designs including: imaging lens units for mobile devices and automobiles, LED lenses, and optical sensor lens units.
  3. Simulation Analysis

    We perform various optical simulations and analyses that are required for designing products. By possessing both design and production technologies, our simulation precision is improving steadily. This enables us to achieve short development time, high precision, and a high product yield.
  4. Mold Design

    Once the simulation has been completed, we move on to mold designing.
    Please see the Technologies page for more information.