Contribution to Society

Information Security Basic Policy

Nissei Technology Corporation (hereinafter “we” or “us”) work on information security throughout the company based on the following policies in order to protect the information assets entrusted to us and our customers from threats such as natural disasters, equipment failures, and malicious activity, and to fulfill the trust of our customers and society.

1.Management’s Responsibility

We systematically and continuously improve information security under the initiative of management.

2.Improvement of Internal Structures

We have established an organization to maintain and improve information security, and have defined the information security measures, as a formal rule of the company.

3.Efforts of Executives and Employees

All executives and employees have acquired the knowledge and skills required for information security, and ensure their commitment to information security.

4.Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements

We comply with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations involved in information security, and come up to your expectations.

5.Response to Violations and Accidents

When Violation of Laws, Breach of contract, or an accident involved in information security occurs, we will take appropriate measures and strive to prevent recurrence.

Nissei Technology Corporation
Ryugo Tsujihana, CEO and Representative Director