Lens Units

Imaging (Cameras, Automotive, Smartphones)

Uniqueness of Nissei Technology
  • Our experience covers the entire process from designing to production, allowing us to design for a wide range of applications.
  • Our lens unit design capabilities include aspherical lenses as well as lens mechanisms.
  • We respond to our client’s requirements with an agile turnaround time from design to production.

Straight optics

Folded optics
Periscope Lens

Application Examples
Nissei-Developed Products
4K Compatible
Ultra-Wide Angle Stereographic Projection Lens Unit, NT-009-Ee

Proprietary stereographic projection method
Wide-angle 182° Circular Fisheye Lens
1.7・12 M・4K High Definition Compatible

Common fisheye lens
Common fisheye lens
Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Wide Angle Lens Unit, NT-014-FL

Ultra-compact size with an external outer diameter of Φ12 mm TTL 10.9 mm
Wide-angle 192° Circular Fisheye Lens
1/3 to 1/2.8”and resolution compatible with 8 M sensor

Sensing and Time of Flight (TOF)

There is an increasing number of applications using 3D sensing in recent years. Some examples include motion sensors for Microsoft Kinect in gaming, 3D face recognition in the TOF method and structure light method for smartphones, forward detection cameras (stereographic and single-eye) for Automotive, and LiDAR for autonomous vehicles.
Nissei Technology is providing optics required for these sensing modules leveraging our compact and precision technologies.

TOF lens mock-up
TOF lens drawing
Infrared image using TOF lens

Electronic Viewfinders (EVF)

Conventional optical viewfinders are being replaced by electronic viewfinders which provide a magnified view of small high-definition liquid crystal screens for digital cameras. They must satisfy optical performances to meet the demanding professional use, especially for mirrorless cameras. Nissei Technology realizes your product needs by leveraging our ultra-precision lens molding, precision tube forming, and precision assembly technologies.

EVF unit (3D image)