Optical Components (Others)

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

A diffractive optical element (DOE) is a device to diffract a laser beam to generate an arbitrary pattern.
A DOE of optimally designed submicron-order profiles is required to realize desired patterns. Nissei Technology achieves this with our mass-producible plastic DOEs with your desired pattern such as dot patterns, grid patterns and logos with our proprietary design and production processes.

Dot pattern
Dot pattern
Other patterns
Other patterns
DOE pattern examples
DOE pattern examples

Micro Lens Arrays (MLA)

Micro lens arrays (MLAs), as its name suggests, is an optical component with an array of small lenses.
MLAs are recently put to commercial use for a diffusive lighting application with a high light utilization efficiency.
We can manufacture MLAs with aspherical lens whose size ranges from several tens of micron meters to several hundreds of micron meters.
We can also manufacture MLAs according to your specifications, as well as designing them from optical design.

Polygon Mirrors for LiDAR

Our current development activities for LiDAR aims to improve the detection range compared to that of a conventional mechanical LiDAR system. Our polygon mirrors can satisfy both high reliability and low cost by using coating-less plastic mold products.

Five Major Features
  1. 1.Highly reliable due to no coating
  2. 2.Total reflection gives high efficiency despite having no coating
  3. 3.Complex structure is made possible by using plastic, resulting in a prism method that has little vertical deviation
  4. 4.Double-speed read out has been achieved (currently prototyping to demonstrate principle)
  5. 5.360-degree detection (- 360)
Possible applications
  • Factory automation (FA)
  • Automatic control robots
  • Security and monitoring cameras
We expect this to be applicable to various other purposes.


A prism is used for diffracting and reflecting a light beam. It is an important optical component for either purpose requiring high precision and is typically made of glass. As various devices become more compact, components for them are also getting increasingly smaller and more complex. These requirements are difficult to satisfy with glass, and demand for plastic components is likely to increase.
Nissei Technology will be engaging in designing plastic prisms to meet your specifications and the mass-production of these prisms.

Optical Connectors

Optical communication networks which utilize light sources such as LEDs and lasers use light transmitting paths such as optical fibers and optical waveguides. Optical connectors are components to connect them, and it is important that optical loss due to connections be minimized to the smallest amount.
We are responding to your various requirements with our optical design technologies to meet both your specifications and our molding technologies (such as optical plastic lens, and two-color molding).